Eric Redd – “All Over” – Carrillo Music

Eric Redd is welcomed back to our play-list with new remixes!

Billboard dance artist Eric Redd, strikes gold again as he releases new hit single “All Over” and is putting New York back on forefront of the Dance/EDM movement. Packed with house piano riffs and a funky guitar bass line, “All Over” is set to take over the charts with early support from leading djs & producers.

2013 proved to be a year of stellar accomplishments for in-demand vocalist Eric Redd. Redd opened for Stevie Wonder for the Inauguration of Barack Obama, performed at the televised 100th Anniversary Concert for NY’s Grand Central Station and sang alongside Usher and Robin Thicke for the wedding of basketball superstar Michael Jordan. As the year grew to be one of Eric’s most memorable touring years he realized he needed to encapsulate what he was experiencing into new material for his fans.

“All Over” has a powerful yet finely tuned vocal delivery that takes you on a journey filled with jazzy melodic flair and accented by strong female backgrounds you can sink your teeth into.

Versatile, In-Demand Session Bassist Timothy Lefebvre, a regular musician for “Saturday Night Live” who’s worked with musicians such as Chris Botti, Wayne Krantz and Sting who produced the record. Redds’ single was executively produced by Rod Carrillo (Donna Summer, Rihanna, Danny Howard, The Cataracs, Trevor Simpson) for Carrillo Music, Eric Redd’s label.

“All Over was one of the easiest songs in my entire career to write. Tim [the records’ producer] knows my live show energy well and he envisioned the chant-style chorus so then I would write to his synth stabs. We both love electronic music so when he said this song felt like me within 15 minutes we were singing the chorus together. Sometimes a song mirrors where you are in your life, and this one definitely tells the tale… I was ALL OVER, TAKING OVER!” Eric Redd said.

Eric Redd’s Career has spanned over 2 decades as an entertainer which includes working with the Legendary television show, Soul Train, Ani Difranco, and Chicago Transit Authority among others.

Redd signed with Carrillo Music in 2010. The first collaboration Carrillo, spawned his Billboard Dance hit “Breathe” which broke the Top 20 for the dance chart.

“I am glad to have a true entertainer like Eric Redd on our label and I have always enjoyed producing for him and with him. ‘All Over’ is meaningful for me because I had the pleasure to get to know and work with the immensely talented Timothy Lefebvre on this project. It has been a great additional bonus to have Tim produce the song for Eric,” stated label president Rod Carrillo.

“All Over” includes a set of dance remixes courtesy of Peter Barona (Justin Bieber), Julissa Veloz(American Idol), Rod Carrillo, Lex Sadler(Ellie Goulding), Peter Brown (Eddie Amador, Ralphi Rosario) and Rich More.

Redd will be performing both nationally and internationally in support of single “All Over” off of his album “Pure”.

Watch for Eric and his band the Eric Redd Movement to be appearing around the U.S. and internationally including Europe, Istanbul and Hong Kong.

“All Over” is available at all major online music retailers.


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