DJ Cubanito feat Oba Frank Lords – “La Casa De Pepe”


Original Mix of “La Casa De Pepe” produced by DJ Cubanito and Oba Frank Lords, featuring Oba’s vocals. Released March 25th. 2014 on Toy Robot Records. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno, and many other digital download store online.

From his secret lab way below the surface of the earth somewhere in the vast desert land that some say is dead valley, and other swear it’s Area 51 hails this progressive underground jewel by legendary Latin producer/remixer DJ Cubanito a.k.a. Alex Carmenates (Juanes, Alejandro Fernandez, Paulina Rubio, Gloria Trevi, David Bisbal, Monster Taxi, Adassa, Pepper Mashay, Jocelyn Enriquez).

“La Casa De Pepe” is a Latin tribute to house music that had been years in the making, and that would inevitably be born from the need to express the love of classic underground house. This collaboration brings together some of the greatest Latin producers in North America.

From the omnipotent vocalizations of master Oba Frank Lords, the voice of Murk’s “Darkbeat” (One half of ObAdam, Dogma, Latin Xpress, Secret Society, Ricky Martin, Celia Cruz) to the remixing participation of such innovating and important Latin remixers as Norty “El Calvo” Cotto, Mijangos, KlubJumpers, and dub step artist Hugo Drax, this single screams ‘classic Latin house’ anthem! This month “La Casa De Pepe” debuts on the National Latin Record Pool Chart on DJ Times Magazine @ # 11.

Supported by:

DJ Cubanito (PNN Radio/Fusion Radio)
Dan Mathews (KlubJumpers) (PNN Radio/I Dance Radio/Strictly Dance Radio)
John D’Angelo (Strictly Dance Radio/On Air Australia)
Georgie Porgie (Strictly Dance Radio/Music Plant)
Andres Mijangos (Mexico)
Norty Cotto (NYC)
Carlo Torre (Space, Miami)
DJ Trini (Fusion Radio)
DJ SugarKid (Univision, Puerto Rico)
Baron Lopez (107.5 FM Puerto Rico)
DJ Leony (Party 100.9 FM Gainsville, FL/Hot 102 FM Puerto Rico)
Harry Towers (PNN Radio)
Dante Rivera (Australia)
Tony O (Bay Area, CA)
Bob Ketchter (Next Music Group)
Ronnie Mathews (Starfleet Record Pool)
Bill Hallquist (Miami Beach)
Youtube video link:


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