Helena feat Shawnee Taylor – Levity

Helena feat. Shawnee Taylor – “Levity” – Ultra Music

Quickly becoming one of the most versatile and high-flying producers within the EDM community, UK-born, Australia-bred and US-based HELENA now takes her exhilarating sound to ULTRA. Featuring the inimitable vocals of esteemed House vocalist Shawnee Taylor, “Levity” drops on 28th March on Beatport.

A steady but surging introduction sets the tone for this high-adrenaline number, injecting sun-soaked chords along the way that scream dance-floor euphoria. As Taylor’s vocals begin on the breakdown, they provide an interlude of serenity, whilst maintaining a stunning strength; as Helena describes, “The song is about empowerment – rising above the hard things in life, powering through and not giving up.”

When the amplified beat regains strength, it encompasses the uplifting yet blazing electro house sound that HELENA has developed as her trademark. The vocals rejoin, this time with more urgency as the rhythmic progression hits a devastating climax of pure club energy.

HELENA explains that the idea behind “Levity” was to “combine true classic house with crazy energy and the sounds of now.” This high-powered slice of electronica does just that, and is poised to explode as one of the sounds of the summer.

Youtube link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hssicZe2IxY


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