Andreas Rodlund and Matt Hewie – Legends (Original Mix)

Swedish dance-music duo Andreas Rodlund & Matt Hewie are making a name for themselves across the pond with releases such as ‘Bird,’ ‘All We Have,’ and ‘The Moose’.

The latter of which has been streamed over a million times on Spotify and reached several Top 20 positions including World Dance Top 30, iTunes Dance Chart, and the Scandinavian Dance Chart.

Following up the massive success releases witch all originate from Southside Recordings, Andreas Rodlund & Matt Hewie delivers proof that nothing they do is by chance or coincident, with another main stage face fist slapper here on Southside Recordings.

With great support from top 100 Dj’s and Radio stations around the world the bar have been set high for the now well known Swedish producer/dj duo.

No one will be disappointed with this epic beat and adrenaline lifting lead synth slapper,

This is Legends! Prepare yourself of a coming Legend!

Supported By: Dj Leo (Swiss Indie-Radios), NC Radio 95.1FM, XquisitFm, Olli Sachse, Pelle Eriksson, Radio Corsaro, Radio-Ohrwurm, Southside House Collective, Andy Grange, Antoine Claraman, Bobby Deep, Coldbeat, Des Mitchell, Dj Cult, Dj Frisco, Eric Morillo, Gai Barone, Jerem A, Jonas Vogel, Mariano Ballejos, Martin Eriksson, Michael C, Neil Moore, Pedro del Mar, Pizza Brothers, Notable Dance, Stefan Growald Interlabel, Stephen Budge, Tommy Scott, Daniel Farley, DJ Ap Stooker, John Rivera, Marcello Calvetti, Mr Styles, Rasmus Raz Lindvall, Riverhouse, Thorpish, Kumar, Unighted Radio

@SouthsideHouseC @AndreasRodlund @matthewie


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