as tekky as you wanna be! Richard Durand – “Morning Light” – Black Hole Recordings


What a delight. We have the pleasure to add to our stations play-list Richard Durands “Morning Light”. Dont forget you can listen to us 24/7 via the audio-link to your right “Listen Now”

Fresh from his Beatport top 10 hitting remix of Svenson’s classic ‘Sunlight Theory’ last month, arch trance-master Richard Durand returns for his first release strike of 2014 with ‘Morning Light’.

Fusing elements of his best-known-for sound with some different sonic threads, the result is as captivating as it is downright speaker thrashing!

Richard’s latest kicks out floor thrust from its outset, building into a twister of electro-shocking break-beat loops, sizzling FX and floor-infecting vocal samples. From there Durand deals out bass justice with a cliff-dive drop into deep techy bongs, space-ily atmospheric bleeps, super-squelch LFO and stabby after-FX. At the cusp of the break, with its production avionics primed for uplift, the track’s main-line goes surface to air at the speed of sound. Rivet-tough, for floors that truly know, ‘Morning Light’ is out now.



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