Muttonheads feat Eden Martin – “Snow White (Alive)”

“Shadows in my heart, please take the night away…”

Once the first notes are played, the listener is directly plunged into the sober and deep emotional tone of “Snow White”.

“Snow White” is in the vein of the famous hit “Trust You Again”, which was a #1 hit on French radio during spring 2011. With “Snow White”, Muttonheads & Eden Martin unite to show the world that they have this rare recipe for cooking up great hits; Muttonheads offer us a club-banging beat while Eden Martin transports us to the stars with her wonderful voice.

This past summer, “Snow White” landed at #1 on national radio in France; reaching the milestone of being played over 15,000 times! In addition to the track’s success on French radio, “Snow White” has also reached top 10 on France’s club chart, while the video is one of the most played in all of France. “Snow White” saw success outside of France and across Europe, reaching number 1 in Russia and top 5 in eastern Europe.

Youtube –


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