MAKJ & Lil Jon – “Lets Get F*cked Up” – Ultra Music

Spring’s right around the corner – Miami Music Week is fast approaching and the Vegas Pool’s are just about to get wet again. Toss all your worries to the side, get in the car, drive and think about one thing…PARTY. We have the soundtrack to your long distance dance music road trip; the hot new collaboration between rising dance music star MAKJ and Grammy Award winning pop culture icon Lil Jon entitled “Let’s Get F*cked Up.”

“Let’s Get F*cked Up” is a party on steroids. So intense that there’s a suspicion some Crunk Energy Drink found it’s way into the actual production in sound form. What does that sound like? It’s a pounding dance music carnival with jump up beats and Lil’ Jon’s trademark shouts. No need to be shy or PC here. The title – “Let’s Get F*cked Up” – says it all.

The time to get f*cked up is soon upon us. Let’s get loco. (KingsOfSpins)



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